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CJ is currently investigating your account and has the following inquiries regarding your account:

You have the wrong tax data submitted for a US listed account. It needs to be a valid W-9.

IRS Form W-8BEN 0X/XX/2016

Please reply to this inquiry within 5 days of the mailing date.

Failure to respond shall be deemed an admission of liability and acceptance of this letter as 15 days notice of termination, and may result in CJ exercising its right to terminate the CJ Publisher Service Agreement 15 days from the date of this written notice or sooner.

Please note that current or pending payout(s) may be placed on hold pending notification from you and CJ's confirmation of your full compliance.


Network Compliance
CJ Affiliate, a Conversant Company



Thank you for applying to the XXXX affiliate program. We reviewed your site and are sorry to say that it is not a fit with the program at this time. We saw that your site only features coupons from February and has very little content aside from that.


Thank you on your response.Please note that CJ does not allow sites without an unique content.Your site is a template with content that was taken from other sites.


Thank you for applying to our network. There are several requirements that a website must meet prior to being approved for our program, such as original on-site content, traffic, a well designed site, proper contact information, etc.

Due to one or more of these requirements having not been met, we cannot approve your site at this time.



2016.06.25 更新了一下新的税务信息,问题解决。